Spa Days

We have Spa Day all-inclusive packages that will give your pup a full human-grade spa experience.

Prices do not include tax and they are STARTING PRICES only. Pricing increases with the size of the dog.

Spa Day

  • Grooming Session (Haircut/Trim/Deshed)
  • Face Mask
  • Microbubble Therapy bath with body exfoliant & deep conditioner
  • Blueberry Oatmeal facial wash
  • Paw & Nose butter
  • Spawdicure
  • Teeth Whitening and Fresh breath
  • Photographs of the Spa Day session

Starting at $100

Spa Day

  • All of the 3-Star Spa Day package
  • Any CBD alternative to any of the luxury grooming products used in the session
  • CBD treat/peanut butter dose
  • Essential oil diffusion+spot
  • Paw massage with essential oils

Starting at $150

Spa Day

    All of the 3-Star Spa Day package
  • All of the 4-Star Spa Day package
  • Full Acupressure &/or Therapeutic Body Massage (30 minute session)

Starting at $200

Book now to give your pup the Spa Day he or she deserves.

All of our products are green, organic, natural, with no harsh chemicals and pure ingredients. We offer a holistic approach to your pup’s grooming.
All of the face masks, paw/nose balms, exfoliants, leave-in conditioners, perfumes, and rinse conditioners are made by us and are owned by Pup Country Club and it is made with the best ingredients on the market that are human-grade and dog-safe.

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