Luxury Dog Grooming in Converse Texas by Pup Country Club

102 Toepperwein Rd, Converse Texas, 78109

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Dog Luxury Grooming Pricing

All of our luxury grooming services include a bath, luxury and natural shampoo + conditioner, luxury and natural facial, nail cutting, ear plucking (when requested) and cleaning, brush and comb out, leave-in moisturizing skin conditioner and essential oil based perfume.

Price change announcement: Due to to the mid-year increase all industry product companies went through in June 2022, and the increase of our rent, water and energy bills the same month, we are being forced to raise our prices for all new and regular customers starting August 2022. All VIP customers will be able to keep their original price for the rest of the year 2022, which means that the price increase WILL NOT be applied to any customer that has an active VIP program by July 30th, 2022. All customers that subscribe to one of our VIP programs after July 30th, 2022 will still be subject to the price increase.

The following prices are for DOGS, do not include tax and may increase based on pup’s coat and/or skin condition, if the pet is matted/tangled, if the pup has fleas/ticks, and if the pup is special needs or aggressive.

Bath Only

Bath, nails and brush; No trimming or clipping.

XS (<10lbs) $30
Small (11-20lbs)$35
Medium (21-40lbs)$45
Large (41-59lbs)$55
XL (60-74lbs)$65
Giant (75lbs+)$75
Prices + tax

Sanitary Trim

Bath +Small Trim/touch-up including face, feet & genitals.

Prices + tax

Full Haircut

Bath+Sanitary+Full Haircut/All over trim/Silhouette.

Prices + tax


Teeth Enzymatic Cleaning

PCC Mud Face Mask

Nail Filing/Buffing

PCC Paw/Nose Butter

Japanese Mud Bath
$25 – $35
Depending on size

De-shedding Treatments
$15 – $35
Depending on size & amount

Creative Grooming
$20+ depending on request
From extra bling, to color dyes, to nail color

PCC Paw Massage
10 minute session with essential oils + PCC balm

Essential Oil Diffusion
Personalized to your pup’s needs

Thera-Clean Microbubble Therapy Bath

We are the only salon in the San Antonio area to provide this therapeutic service! Your pet gets submerged in a tub filled with billions of microbubbles that cleanse all the way from the inside of the hair follicle out. Miracle therapy for pets with skin conditions, allergies, skin diseases, dryness, bad odor, shedding, and many more skin conditions. Starting at $15 (for VIPs, starting at $20 for regular customers) for a 15-20 minute session (price increasing with size of the pup/cat and length of therapy needed). Therapy includes enzyme treatment depending on your pet’s issue/condition. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE!

Charged Extra

Some products and services are not included in your pup’s visit unless they need it or you specifically request for it. Please read this list thoroughly. Some products will be added to your bill if your pup needs it, even if you did not request for it. The wellness of your pup is our first priority, reason why we will do what we have to do as professionals to ensure your pup comes out clean and healthy.

Price varies with severity and time it took to complete
Starting at $15

Flea/tick Treatment
Fleas/ticks will not be tolerated in our facilities
Starting at $15

Skin Conditions
If skin is in desperate need of one of our medicated skin treatments
Starting at $15

Aggressive or Difficult to Handle Pets: We do not accept aggressive pets in our salon for safety reasons. If a pet bites and hurts our staff, there will be a $50 charge added to the full or half price of the grooming service, depending on how much it was accomplished. If the pet tries to bite, is difficult to handle, and/or requires an extra grooming assistant or professional groomer to achieve grooming safely, there will be a $15 charge added to the grooming price.

Special Needs Pups: We love our special needs/senior pups! We can provide all normal services to them as long as the customer understands that it may take longer than a normal grooming session and that there may or may not be an extra charge of $15 depending on if the pup required an extra grooming assistant or professional groomer to achieve the groom. Customer must also sign the waiver, releasing Pup Country Club of responsibility for any events, episodes or situations that happen to the pup during the grooming session due to pre-existing conditions or age. Sick, wounded, or pets in need of veterinary attention will not be accepted for grooming.

Remember prices do not include tax.
CALL/TEXT NOW TO MAKE YOUR LUXURY DOG GROOMING APPOINTMENT: 210-595-1920 and request an appointment at our Converse salon, or…

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