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Medina, Texas

1603 Stringtown Road, Suites 1 & 2, Medina Texas, 78055

Luxury Dog Resort

Coming Soon!
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Why Choose Us?

Luxury Apartments

No little glass rooms with a tiny bed, no small runs that are barely enough for the dog to walk back and forth… our Dog Apartments consist of a private 6×6 interior room with A/C, a doggy door leading to a covered 6×8 porch with turf grass, and a personal 12×16 fenced in front yard. They are big enough to hold up to a family of 4 large dogs! All apartment fences are separated by a 5 foot gap, preventing any contact between our guests.

Personal Caretakers

Owners and staff live on-site, giving your dogs all the attention they may need. Each apartment gets an assigned caretaker, ensuring that each members of the family receives the personalized attention it deserves.
Additionally, our caretakers are professionally trained in animal behavior and communication, animal anatomy and body functions, and safety handling through the Grooming Academy of Texas and the I.P.G.

First Aid & CPR Trained

All of our stylists and caretakers are First Aid & CPR trained through ProPet Hero. We can take care of a possible emergency that may arise; we are not Veterinary Doctors nor Veterinary Technicians, but we have over 10 years of animal business experience and we can handle small incidents and accidents, focusing most of our efforts in prevention methods to avoid any type of possible negative scenario. Customers will always be contacted if a serious incident or accident occurs.


Inauguration Special Pricing is currently Active!

The following prices already reflect the special rate. Rates will change in January 2023.

Our base daily rate includes: Assigned caretaker, feeding routine of your choice, walking routine of your choice (up to 3 walks a day), playtime in their private front yard with their caretaker at least once daily, kiddie pool in their personal front yard for playing/refreshing daily (summer time; water gets changed every morning).

Price per dog per Day$20
Price per dog for Half a Day$10
Medication Application/Treatment$5/day
Special Accommodations due to Behavior/Age$5+/day


Bath Pkg before going back homeSpecial price! $20
Sanitary/Full Haircut Pkg before going back homeCall for Details
COMING SOON: Training SessionTBD
COMING SOON: Private Park Play TimeTBD
COMING SOON: Splash Park Play TimeTBD

Checking In & Checking Out

We have several checking-in and checking-out times available within our business days (Monday to Saturday) for the comfort of our customers. If none of these times work for you, please don’t hesitate to ask us! We can arrange a special time if it’s necessary.
Sunday drop off or pick up is NOT available. If you need a special Sunday accommodation and we are able to assist, there will be a convenience fee of $25.

Pets that are picked up within this time frame will not be charged for the day.

Pets dropped off in this time frame or picked up by 12pm will only be charged for half a day.

Pets dropped off in this time frame will still be charged for half a day.

All Boarding dogs will be checked in and checked out in our current Luxury Dog Hair Salon: the brown shed with white trim on the left hand side when you enter the property. Please call or text 830-328-1839 when you arrive to drop off or pick up your pup/s.


Vaccinations & Wellness

Payment & Reservations

  • We are by appointment only and reservations are required.
  • Regular Reservations: A 10% deposit is required for regular reservations, which is 100% refundable if cancelled 48 hours or more in advance. All cancellations made within 48 hours (2 days) of the reserved date will not be granted a refund.
  • Holiday Reservations: A 50% deposit is required to secure a spot, which is 100% refundable if cancelled 15 days or more in advance. All cancellations made within 15 days of the reserved date will not be granted a refund.
  • Holiday Reservations will require a card on file.
  • Holiday Reservations may be changed without charge if done 15 days or more in advance. Any changes to the original reservation made within 15 days of the reserved spot will incur a $25 convenience fee.


Aggressive or Difficult to Handle Pets: We do not accept pets that are aggressive towards humans for safety reasons. If a pet bites and hurts our staff, there will be a $50 charge per bite added to your bill (be it boarding, daycare or grooming). If the pet tries to bite, is difficult to handle and/or requires extra accommodations to be able to be handled safely, there will be a minimum of $15 added to your total bill. Pets that are aggressive towards other animals will be accepted as long as they’re manageable, and will most likely have an extra charge added for safety/behavioral handling.

Senior & Special Needs

We love our special needs/senior pups! We can provide all normal services to them as long as the customer understands that there will be an extra charge depending on if the pup requires extra attention, help or assistance. Customer must also release Pup Country Club of responsibility for any events, episodes or situations that happen to the pup during their stay and or/grooming session due to pre-existing conditions and/or age.

Sick, wounded, or pets in need of veterinary attention will not be accepted for any of our services.



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