Pup Country Luxury Grooming at Bulverde

If bringing your pup for a full Spa Day is not what y’all need, that doesn’t mean he or she can’t enjoy luxury grooming! Pick the services your pup needs A la Carte and create your own luxury visit for us to pamper your pup.

Basic Luxury Grooming

All of our basic grooming packages include bath, nail cutting and filing, ear cleaning, hypoallergenic and natural shampoos with no soap, Blueberry Oatmeal facial wash, brush and comb out, ear cleaning, leave in skin conditioner, essential oil based perfume, and accessory.
Prices are for dogs, and depend on the size of the dog. Starting prices are set as the minimum for an extra small dog. **Prices do not include tax.

Basic Luxury Bath
Just a bath and brush out. No trimming.
Starting at $35

Basic Luxury Sanitary
Bath+Small trim/touch-up.
Starting at $45

Basic Luxury Haircut
Bath+Full Haircut
Starting at $65

Add Ons

Teeth Whitening & Cleaning

Starting at $10

PCC Face Masks
Different selections.
Starting at $10

PCC Paw/Nose Butters

Starting at $5

PCC Body Exfoliants

Starting at $15

Special Shampoos
Wide variety.
Starting at $10

Deshedding Treatments

Starting at $10

Creative Grooming
Different options ranging from hair color, to dye, to hair curls and designs.
Starting at $10

PCC Paw Massage
10 minute session with essential oils and PCC balm.
Starting at $10

Charged Extra

Some products and services are never included in your pup’s visit unless they need it or you specifically request for it. Please read this list thoroughly. Some products will be added to your bill if your pup needs it, even if you did not request for it. The wellness of your pup is our first priority, reason why we will do what we have to do as professionals to ensure your pup comes out clean and healthy.

De-tangling & De-matting
Price varies with severity and time it took to complete
Starting at $10

Flea Solutions
Fleas will not be tolerated in our facilities
Starting at $10

Ear Plucking
Will only do if it’s an absolute necessity for the dog or if customer requests it
Starting at $5

Anal Gland Expression
Only when requested and cleared by the vet
Starting at $10

Aggressive Behavior
Aggressive, hyperactive or non-cooperating dogs that require the assistance of a second groomer
Starting at $10

Skin Conditions
If your pup’s skin is in desperate need of one of our special shampoos or skin treatments
Starting at $10

Remember prices do not include tax.


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